Jason Boland

Roadside Prayer

Jason Boland

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Roadside Prayer

	  		Em C D 
Em C D 
Em C D 
Em C D 
Em        C  
I'm broke down  
Em          C 
On Spring Creek road 
Em       C 
Makes me wonder  
        D            G 
Why I'm trying to go home 
Em             C 
But I left her behind 
Em              C 
I had things to do 
Em                   C 
Just a long distance phone call 
   D          G 
To say I miss you 
Em             C 
But I got your recorder 
Em                 C  
The phone took my till 
Em                    C 
I'm a dime short of a cola 
         D                  G 
And this machine won't take bills 
Em                C 
So I sit down and wait 
Em               C 
Diesel smoke and noise 
Em             C  
Ignore all the comments  
    D          G 
Of a few local boys 
Em C D G I wish I was back home with my friends and a beer. Em C D G At the Wormy Dog bar, There's none like it out here Em C D Bm I'd give my last Dollar to back on the road Em C D G There's 200 miles behind me and too many more to go. Em C D G There's 200 miles behind me and too many more to go.
Theres a warm case of Pearl In my back seat But it ain't going to help Beat this highway heat But the suns finally sinking Gives me a hand I don't ask for much I guess you take what you can The truckers keep on rollin Wish this car was my ????????? (not sure about this line) I leave the keys in it And climb in the cab I got oil on my hands And grease in my hair I'm stuck out here singing This Roadside Prayer Repeat Chorus: I've only been playing about 6 months and this is the very first song I tried to do.... So try not to yell at me, too much. But please let me know how I did.

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