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Let's Get It On Chords

Jarrod Birmingham

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Let's Get It On

I spend most of my life drivin' 
G                 D                 A 
Down some lonely road I've already been 
I ain't seen home in fourteen days 
G         D                 A 
I ain't slept in God knows when 
I've been chasin' this dream for so long now 
         G                       D                A 
With my face to the wind and my back against the wall 
Livin' on nothin' but borrowed time 
        D                A 
Tryin' not to spend it all 
G D A But when the crowd starts rollin' in and it's show time again, G D A I get this feelin' I'm right where I belong G D A And I'm reminded every night, how much I love this life G D A Hey turn the bright lights on, Lets get it on G D A Yea, turn the bright lights on, Let's get it on
A You've been standin' in line half your life G D A Waitin' for your moment in the sun So you can't hold back for tomorrow no G D A 'Caus tomorrow might never come And there's nothin' you can do G D A Once it gets down in your soul I've got my hands on the dice now boys G D A Stand back I'm gonna let 'em roll Chorus

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