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Amazed Chords

Jared Anderson

Difficulty: ExpertExpert

by 2u4ubyu

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	  Verse 1: 
    D/F#  G    Asus 
You dance over me  
      D/F#  G   Asus  
While I am unaware  
    D/F#  G     Asus 
You sing all around  
      D/F#  G         Asus 
But I never hear the sound  
G Asus Lord I'm amazed by You D/F# G Lord I'm amazed by You Em7 Asus Lord I'm amazed by You D How You love me
Verse 2: D/F# G2 Asus You paint the morning sky D/F# G2 Asus With miracles in mind D/F# G2 Asus My hope will always stand D/F# G2 Asus For You hold me in Your hand Bridge: G Asus How wide D/F# G How deep Em7 Asus How great D Is Your love for me ©2004 Vertical Worship Songs All rights reserved. International copyright secured ********* You found it at E-Chords Submitted By: David Campbell Ontario Canada

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