Jamie O'Neal


Jamie O'Neal

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	  		Bb                                                  Ab 
Don't know how you do it    Like there's nothing to it   You just look my way 
Bb                                         Ab 
You come a little closer I lose my compos-er    Don't know what to say 
     OPEN                                  Cm              Bb 
I'm overwhelmed you smile I melt And some-where inside Oh baby I 

Eb Ab Cm Shiver, tremble, I never No I never once felt so much Eb Ab Cm It *shakes me how you take me Deeper than I've ever been Ab It's to the core under my skin Bb Cm Bb Eb 1.) I shi-ver 2.) shi-i-ver, lead, "oh oh oh" repeat chorus at * using 3.) 3.) to key change and ending
Bb Ab I love the way you whisper Slowly softly lingers in my ear Bb Ab You move a little lower The world starts spinning slow-er Then it disppears OPEN Cm Bb Your lips so close we kiss almost Just barely touch, but that's enough to make me to chorus using 2.) KEY CHANGE AND ENDING: F Bb Dm I shiver, tremble, I never No I never once felt so much F Bb Dm It shakes me how you take me Deeper than I've ever been Bb It's to the cord under my skin F Dm Bb F I shi-ver oh oh oh shi-ver (shiver)

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