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Soldiers Chords

James Taylor

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

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  		Intro: A

       D            C          G           A 
It was just after sun-rise and down by the sea 
Em          Bm               G            A 
down on the sand flats where nothing will grow 
     D            C              G        A 
come drumming and footsteps like out of a dream 
          Em           Bm           A -  
where the golden green waters come in. 

     D          C            G                A 
Just nine lucky soldiers had come through the night 
Em           Bm          G         A 
half of them wounded and barely alive 
     D            C           G          A 
Just nine out of twenty was a-headed for home 
     Em           Bm        C G A - 
with eleven sad stories to tell. 

    C            G              Em         Bm 
I remember quite clearly when I got out of bed 
         C             G          Em        A         G A. 
I said, "Oh, good morning. What a beautiful day."

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