James Taylor


James Taylor

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Intro: D Bm Em7 A7 (2x) 

              D              G 
  She's been holding on too long 
  Em7                A7 
  Hoping I'm gonna change 
  G         Em7        A         A7sus4 
  Giving it up just a little bit more 
   D                G  G/F# 
  Each time I come home 
  Em7                   A   A7sus4 
  Looking and acting strange 
   G           Em7   A         A7sus4  D 
  Putting her down, putting it up with me 

D A G Be as you are (B S U R) D Em7 G A Bm As you see as I am I am (S U C S I M I M) F#m7 G Be as you are (B S U R) D Em7 G A D Em7 A7 As you see as I am I am (S U C S I M I M)
D G G/F# Do you think you might improve me Em7 A7 Trying to take control G Em7 A A7sus4 Watching every little thing I do D G Just like a bleeding movie Em7 A7 Just like a leading role G Em7 A A7sus4 D Mama, this ain't me and I don't believe that's you Repeat Chorus except last word (letter) ---- D Bm G Em7 ? am (M) Bridge: A Em7 First you make believe I believe the things A Em7 That you make believe Bm F#m7 E7sus4 E7 And I'm bound to let you down A D Then it's I who have been deceiving A F#m Bm Purposely misleading G D/F# Bm E7 A7sus4 And all along you believed in me D G G/F# So we circle around one another Em7 A7 Playing a guessing game G Em7 A A7sus4 Strangers at this masquerade D G G/F# Pretending to know each other Em7 A7 We strain to catch a name G Em7 A A7sus4 D And never see the mistakes we must have made Repeat Chorus except last word (letter) ---- Coda ? am (M) Coda: D Bm Em7 A7 (Repeat several times then fade)

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