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Bartender's Blues Chords

James Taylor

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

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Bartender's Blues

Year: 2000 - Album: The Collection

Intro:  E  F#m7 E/G#   
      A                 A7 
      Now I'm just a bartender 
            D             Bm7 
      And I don't like my work 
            E                      A   E  F#m7 E/G# 
      But I don't mind the money at all 
            A           A7 
      I see lots of sad faces 
           D          Bm7 
      And lots of bad cases 
         E                              A   E  F#m7 E/G# 
      Of folks with their backs to the wall 
                            A           A7          D       Bm7 
      Chorus:  But I need four walls around me to hold my life 
               E                A   E  F#m7 E/G# 
       To keep me from going a-stray 
                    A            A7      D       Bm7 
       And a honky-tonk angel to hold me tight 
               E                A    E  F#m7 E/G# 
       To keep me from slipping away 
              A            A7 
      I can light up your smokes 
             D            Bm7 
      I can laugh at your jokes 
             E                          A    E  F#m7 E/G# 
      I can watch you fall down on your knees 
             A              A7 
      I can close down this bar 
             D       Bm7 
      I can gas up my car 
             E                     A   E  F#m7 E/G# 
      I can pack up and mail in my key 

                  A               A7 
      Now, the smoke fills the air 
             D           Bm7 
      In this honky-tonk bar 
               E                             A  E  F#m7 E/G# 
      And I'm thinking 'bout where I'd rather be 
             A             A7 
      But I burned all my bridges 
           D           Bm7 
      I sank all my ships 
               E                         A  E  F#m7 E/G# 
      And I'm stranded at the edge of the sea

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