James Otto

Never Say Goodbye

James Otto

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Never Say Goodbye

Capo on 2nd fret

Intro A E D 

A                                                 E 
Your bags are packed, and your cab's out back. 
            D                       A 
Guess it's too late to change your mind. 
A                                          E 
But before you leave, do one thing for me, 
             D                 A 
Just turn around and look me in the eyes. 

F#m E D And say you love me but you need a little time, F#m E D Make me belive that your still mine, F#m E D Tell me anything even if it's just a lie, D A (repeat intro) but never, never, never say goodbye.
Verse A E Baby Please, im on my knees, D A begging you not to close that door, A 'cause I can't live with out you A E 'cause everything about you D A makes my life worth living for yeah
Yeah... F#m E Ooohhh, So say you love me D F#m but you need a little time, just a little time. E D F#m make me belive that your still mine. E D tell me anything even if it's just a lie D A but never, never, never, never, never say good...bye. (repeat intro chords until the end)

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