James Ingram

Whatever We Imagine

James Ingram

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Whatever We Imagine

	  		Whatever We Imagine James Ingram 
Tabbed by: Christian Estoesta   
British School Manila [email protected] 
G                         C G  
Don`t be afraid, 
        D G              G 
I Can Meet You Halfway 
G                                 C G  
We Can`t Always know 
               D F#           G 
Where the road end`s up 
        C Eb           A C#  
But with some luck 
        B Eb           Em us,Em D C 
I know we can go 
Bm,Am                  D        G-C- G -D  E o 
    Wherever we imagine 
         D G              G 
It`ll only be too late 
  G                                   D 
Cause where can we run 
                      D F#               G F      C E  
When You see there`s a half chance 
            A C#        B Eb       Emsus,Em
That we might really become 
Bm,Am               D 
 Whatever we imagine 

       Em               Am,D/F#, E/Ab 
And I Imagine you and me 
                         Am                        G/B 
Just Taking chance in what we see 
                        Cm-F          Dm     Eb 
And If We`ll fall we`ll shake away 
               Am            Bm              C         C/D-G CD 
And the dust and just outlast this love. 
G                       C/G                   D/G      G 
You ought to see all your heroes in me 
G                         C/G 
But If We get wise 
                 D/F#          G                  C/E 
We can break the walls were makin 
A/C#              B/Eb    Emsus, Em D,C 
You can see in my eyes 
Bm,Am              D        G-C/G-G 
Whatever we imagine 

       Em               Am,D/F#, E/Ab 
And I Imagine you and me 
                         Am                        G/B 
Just Taking shots  in what we see 
                        CD/C          Bm     Em 
So Let  the walls go down 
                       Am            Bm             
And we can`t try it again 
                 Cm      Dm Eb             Eb/F 
Cause nobody can stop us now 

Bb                  Eb/Bb 
Don`t Be afraid 
Cause I`ll Meet you halfway 
Bb                       Eb/Bb 
You`re not far behind 
               F/A          Bb/Ab 
If We Climb this Hill 
       Eb/G            C/E        D/F#       Gmsus Gm-F,Eb 
I know there`s still a chance we can find 
Dm,Cm               F            Bb 
Whatever we imagine, In our life 
Oh We can make it there baby 
Ooooh hoo 
Ooh, Whatever we imagine 
Don?t you see Baby, 
Wecan make it 
Open Our minds 
Don`t you be afraid. 

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