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Someone Told Me Chords

Jake Bugg

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by lucicamargo

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Someone Told Me

Capo 3

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Intro: Am F C G e|---------------|--------------|-------------|-------------| B|-0h1-------1---|-1--------1---|-1-------1---|-0-------0---| G|-------2-------|------2-------|-----0-------|-----0-------| (2x) D|-----2-------2-|----3-------3-|---2-------2-|---0-------0-| A|-0-------0-----|-3------3-----|-3-----3-----|-------------| E|---------------|--------------|-------------|-3-----3-----|
Am F C G Am I crazy or am I blind? Am F C G Am, F, C, G Someone told me I?m out my mind, Ohhhhhh Am F C G Someone told me a girl I liked Am F C G Am, F, C, G Fell in love and all I did was cry, Ohhhhh F C G Someone hold me, I?m done with this ga me F C Am Said I?m sorry, but i'm not to bla me G Am, F, C, G What a shame, Ohhhhhh Tried to break from this lonely pain Someone told me I?m just insane, Ohhhhhh Broke my heart when I knew That I could never be with you, Ohhhhhh Someone love me, but not today Will you show me, Show me a way how to love? Ohhhhhh Someone told me a girl I liked Fell in love and all did was cry, ohhhhhh

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