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Cocaine Chords

Jackson Browne

Difficulty: EasyEasy

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by Rev. Gary Davis 
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Chords Used: C F G C7 E7 C9 -e---3---1---3----0----0----3-----| -b---1---1---3----1----3----3-----| -g---0---2---4----3----1----3-----| -d---2---3---5----2----0----4-----| -a---3---3---5----3----2----3-----| -e--------1---3---------0---------| Intro: -e-------------3----------0---3-------0--------------| -b-------------1--1--3--1---1--1-3-1---3-1-----------| -g-------------0--0--0--0---0--0-0-0---0-0-0---------| -d-------------2--------------2----------------------| -a------0--2-----------------------------------------| -e---3--------3--------------3-----------------------| -e-------------------------------------0----------------| -b----1--1--3--1---------1--1--3--1--1------------------| -g----2--2--2--2--2-----2--2--2------2---2--0-----------| -d----3--3----------------3--3--------------------------| -a------------------------------------------------------| -e--1-------------------1-------------------------------| -e--3---------0------------------------------3-------------------3----| -b--1--1--3--1--------1----1------2--2---1---3^-3^3^3^---1------------| -g--0--0--0--0--------2----2------3--3---0---0--0--0-0----0-----------| -d--2-------------------3----3------4--4---2-------------------2------| -a---------------------------------------------3-------------------3--| -e--3---------------1------------3------------------------------------|
C C7 You take Sally, I'll take Sue F There ain't no difference betrween the two C F G C Cocaine, it's runnin all around my brain C C7 Headin down Scott, turnin up Main, F Lookin for that girl who sells the cocaine, C F G C Cocaine, runnin all around my brain E7 Ooh, ooh mama, come here quick, F That old cocaine's about to make me sick, C F G C Cocaine, runnin all around my brain C C7 Late last night about a quarter past four, F Ladanyi come knockin down my hotel room door, C F G C Where's the cocaine, it's runnin all around my brain C C7 I was talking to my doctor, down at the hospital, F He said "Son it says here your 27, but that's impossible", C F G C Cocaine, you look like you could be 45 C C7 Now I'm losing touch with reality, and I'm almost out of blow, F It's such a fine line, I hate to see it go C F G C9 Cocaine, it's runnin all around my brain.

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