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Jack Savoretti

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Capo on 2nd fret

Am                                F 
They killed a man for doing wrong today 
                             C                    G 
When all he ever did in life was look the other way 
Am                                     F 
And with his verdict someone heard him pray 
                         C                         G 
The crowd gathered around to see the look on his face 

F                   Am                    G 
Will they ever know, the last words he spoke. 
He Cried "Mother!" 
As the people stood and stared. 
He Cried "Mother." 
And no one seemed to care. 

Am                   F 
Early 25 years to his name 
                    C                    G 
Only the good die young it's too hard to say 
    Am                              F               C 
With a wife and child living back at home far from here  
where he dies all alone 

F                    Am 
Will they ever know, the last words he spoke 
He Cried "Mother!" 
As the people stood and stared 
He Cried "Mother." 
Sounded like a prayer 

"Guitar and harp plays" 2 rounds 

Am                                F 
They killed a man for doing wrong today " humming rest of the song "  

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