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Year: 2003 - Album: On and On

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Intro (E|- C#m)  
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this is the style of picking he does... (Intro) E|-------------------------------------------------------------------- B|----------------------5--------5------------------------------------ G|------9----9-------------------6------------------------------------ D|-----------9-------------------6-----REPEAT 4X---------------------- A|-7---------7-----4-------------4------------------------------------ E|-------------------------------------------------------------------- (Verses) E|-------------------------------------------------------------------- B|------------------------------------------5----5-------------------- G|------9-----9-----------5----5-----------------6------------6----6-- D|------------9----------------6-----------------6-----------------7-- A|--7---------7----------------6-------4---------4-----------------7-- E|---------------------4-------4--------------------------5--------5--
Verse: ( E |- G# - C#m - A ) Well look at all those fancy clothes but these could keep us warm just like those and what about your soul? is it cold? ( F#m - B ) is it straight from the mold and ready to be sold? ( E |- G# - C#m - A ) ...and cars and phones and diamond rings, bling bling those are only removable things and what about your mind does it shine org ( F#m - B ) are there things that concern you more than your time ( E |- B |- C#m - A ) gone, going, gone everything gone give a damn gone be the birds when they don't wanna sing gone people all awkward with their things, gone. Intro ( E |- C#m ) Verse2: ( E |- G# - C#m - A ) look at you out to make a deal you try to be appealing, but you lose your appeal and what about those shoes you're in today ( F#m - B ) they'll do no good on the bridges you've burnt along the way, oh ( E |- B |-C#m - A ) (yes, these are the chorus chords) you were willing to sell anything gone with your hurt leave your footprints we'll shame them with our words gone people all careless and consumed, gone gone going gone everything gone, give a damn gone be the birds when they don't wanna sing gone people all awkward with their things gone ( E ) _______________________________________________________ Contribuição: Yuri Muller Ledra(yuriledra@bol.com.br)

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