J Tillman

With Wolves

J Tillman

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With Wolves


A                     Em                     G 
If you don't feel the same you don't have to lie 

                    Bm                   G 
Been writing on the wall this whole damn time 

A                              Em 
If you've got one foot out the door 

and you've packed up all your shoes 

                  Bm                  G 
you don't have to feel like i've been fooled 

A                        Em                        G 
Cause young men play the part play the part of the fools 

                      Bm                            G 
To keep from standing still, to keep their precious youth 

A                       Em                         G 
And young girls pay the price for pairing off with wolves 

                    Bm                           G 
They don't know any better, don't feel like they should 

A Em G B 

Don't feel like they should 

A                      Em                      G 
When i wake up in this room surrounded by your things 

                  Bm                       G 
None of them have places none of them have names 

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