J Tillman

James Blues

J Tillman

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James Blues

(J Tillman)


Capo IV 

Intro & Bridge: 
Am  G  C 
C  E  Am  G  C 

Verse 1: 
Am      G           C 
James incurred the wrath 
C      E      Am 
of a jealous woman 
Am       G     C 
Not long after that 
C        E       Am 
spending all his weekends 
     G      C 
Trying to relearn          
      G          Am      E      F 
How a young man yearns after a noose 
G          C 
Poor poor James 

Verse 2:  
Most nights he has dreams 
all his teeth are missing 
Wakes up in a sweat 
Simpleton heart racing 
He throws back the sheets 
Begins to weep without much feeling 
Poor poor James 


Verse 3: 
Desire is what makes 
Upright mammals human 
Put me out to graze 
Give this beast a burden 
Because the universe 
Makes much more sense without a purpose 
Poor poor James 

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