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Of Corpse Chords


Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by IronPower4Ever

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Of Corpse

	  Verse: 1 

Cm     Eb 
Cm      Ab 
Born between 
Eb         Ab 
Urine and feces 
Bless this mess (x2) 

Verse: 2 

Cm     Eb 
Cm          Ab 
In a pretty dress 
Eb                  Ab 
While I robbed your ass 
In a ski mask 

Cm Eb Cm Ab 
Eb Ab Eb 


Cm G  Ab Fm 

Verse: 3 

Fm       Bbm 
I piss myself 
Eb      C 
Just to know that 
Fm          Bbm 
I am no one else 
Eb         C 
Crushed to dust 
Fm          Bbm 
A skeletal amount 
Eb     C 
Busted up 
Fm       Bbm 
A pillar fell 
Eb     C     Fm      Bbm 
A requiem to my poor health 
Eb         C  Fm     Bbm 
Surrounded by so much wealth 
Eb                  Dbm 
What a way to go 


Verse: 4 

Fm    Ab         Db Ab 
I was wishing you well 
Fm       Ab            Db Ab 
When you fell into the sewers 
Fm                  Gb 
Into the water with so much force 


Fm Bbm Eb C (x2) 

Verse 5 

The river is a giver 
    Eb        Fm 
So watch your mouth 
            Ab               Eb           Fm 
Gave me the shivers when I tried to climb out 


Fm Bbm Eb C 

Verse: 6 

Fm          Bbm Eb        C 
I fished myself out of an air hole 
Fm                 Bbm    Eb       C 
So let me catch my breath before I bellow 
Fm          Bbm        Eb     C 
A calcified account of poison peril 


Db Dbm 
Fm Dbm Fm Eb 


Cm                  Ab 
Water borne blood clot or 
    Eb         Ab      Eb 
The price you hoard of corpse 

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