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Year: 2002 - Album: Welcome to Wherever You Are

|Gm  |Gm  |Gm  |Gm  | 

verse 1 
Gm                        Gm 
How do you know when it's time for you to go? 
Gm                        Gm 
How can you stop when you don't know how to start? 
F                            F 
How can you go back when you don't know why you're here? 
Gm                        Gm 
How can you see when your eyes begin to fade? 
F                             F 
How will you hear when you've heard it all before? 
Gm                    Gm 
How do you do all the things you want to do?

verse 2 
Gm                                Gm 
How much can you take when you've taken all you can? 
Gm                          Gm 
How can you act when you've never seen the script? 
F                           F 
How can you choose when you don't know which is right? 
    Gm                       Gm 
How far can you go if you've been there before? 
Gm                          Gm 
How can you shine if you've never seen the sun? 
F                         F 
How does a child become a man without a child? 
C                             C 
How can you heal someone that doesn't want to heal? 
C                     C 
Doesn't want to heal, doesn't want to heal. 

|Gm  |C   |Gm  |C   | 
|F   |Gm  |F   |Gm  | 
|Gm  |Gm  |Gm  |Gm  | 

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