Lord Most High


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Lord Most High

From the ends of the earth  (From the ends of the earth) 
From the depths of the sea  (From the depths of the sea) 
From the heights of the heavens  (From the heights of the heavens) 
     A    E  A   B 
Your name be praised 
From the hearts of the weak  (From the hearts of the weak) 
From the shouts of the strong  (From the shouts of the strong) 
From the lips of all people  (From the lips of all people) 
     A    E   A     B 
This song we raise, Lord 
E              A       B 
Throughout the endless ages 
E           A            B         C#m  A    B 
You will be crowned with praises,  Lord Most High 
E          A     B 
Exalted in every nation 
E            A   B 
Sovereign of all creation 
C#m  A    B             A     B    E 
Lord Most High, Be magnified 


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