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	  		Intro: F Am C 

F                Am 
Stretching out before my eyes 
Are riches a ruler requires 
F               Am 
Regal shimmer, blinding shine 
But hollowness when all this is mine 
F                                        Am 
Through all the shallow depths, I had to wade 
C                                  B 
This could've become my darkest hour 
F                          Am    C B 
Enough days living in the shade 

G# Am I see harbor, ooh ooh ooh C Is it underneath the tide vista? F Am High my land on frozen soil C Does my stronghold scare you, wicked of mind? G# Am C Can you follow me and I'll do with you (take all) F Am ( F Am C ) Chase the salty end up in the finish line (you, take all)
(¹ Do segundo refrão em diante, tocar F nesse verso) ( F Am C B ) (mesma base do verso:) Improbable place unknown Untouched and all undestroyed Here I let my armies grow Our voices will loudly crow Every minute in the deadly current Never believed to cure the doubt I want the world rushing through my veins
F Am Dm Want only you to take me all! want (me), use, take all (me) F Em Dm I want you to take (me) all! F Am C Can you follow me through a second round? F Am C Can you taste the bay white salts against your tongue?

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