I Monster


I Monster

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A C#m e:---5----4--| B:---5----5--| G:---6----6--| D:---7----6--| A:---7----4--| E:---5-------| A C#m e:------------------------:------------------------: B:------------------------:-------5-----------5----: G:-------6-----------6----:-------6-----------6----: D:-------7-----------7----:-------6-----------6----: A:-------7-----------7----:-4---------4-4---------4: E:-5---------5-5---------5:------------------------:
A C#m I look at you A C#m And before my eyes it's true A C#m The girl of my dreams A C#m Is not quite what she seems A C#m Open your door A C#m Turn on the light A C#m Show me some more A C#m Tell me it's alright A C#m Heaven is inside you A C#m Heaven when I ride you A C#m Heaven do you want me A C#m Is hell just in my mind? A C#m I look at you A C#m At everything you do A C#m The words in your head A C#m Still remain unsaid A C#m Open my eyes A C#m Inflatable girl A C#m Lose the disguise A C#m Release me from your spell A C#m Heaven is inside you A C#m Heaven when I ride you A C#m Heaven do you want me A C#m Is hell just in my mind?

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