Hudson Taylor


Hudson Taylor

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Capo on 3rd fret

Intro: Am  F  Am  G 

verse 1: 
You're not under cover 
You're just connected to the shame of your secret lover 
It never works out in the end    
if it keeps on going you might lose your only friend 
It's all connected, baby, it's all connected to our brains 
think a little harder when you're feeling all alone 

C Am "For heaven's sake!" I have been screaming at you all the time F It makes no sense how he treats you, how could you miss the sign, He's been cheating on you, messing with your head, G I only say I cause I care
verse 2: C Maybe I dream about you Em F Maybe I'm too afraid to say I think about you every second of the day C He's a hypocrite and he should be locked up in a cage Em It's all connected baby, it's all connected to our brains G Think a little harder when you're feeling all alone Chorus Am F G F Ooooooh... I only say it cause I care Chorus Chorus C Say it cause I care This is my first chords here; hope you like it!

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