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Step Outside Chords


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Step Outside

Year: 1988 - Album: Now That's What I Call Quite Good

  		Intro : G C Am D G G

         G                 C
Well the walls too wet to sit on
                Am                  G
And there's a curtain right over my head
Stomp my feet waiting for a bus
       Am      D    G
But decided to walk instead

           G               C
And the American saxophone follows me
        Am              D
All the way from the teller
to the public house
My fingers are always in my ears
        Am           D      G  
But the reads always in the mouth
G C And if you ever cross your heart and hope to die Am G Voices in your head saying you must cry C Am D Then there's more to you than meets the eye G C But if you go about your business with a capital 'B' Am G It is sure to catch you up with a capital 'C' C Am D And then you will be in debt with a capital 'T'{'A'/'B'} G Just step outside
G C Well we could stop for a conversation Am D G If we could think of anything to say G C But you know you've got nothing to talk about Am D G When nothing happened yesterday G C And if I ever committed a murder Am D G Well I think I'd go about this way G C Never mind a rope or a dagger and cloak Am D G I could spend a week on this estate Repeat chorus G C What are you doing tomorrow Am D And the day after and the day after that G C I've some money to spend I can borrow Am D G I've become a man I admire

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