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I'll Be Waiting Chords


Difficulty: EasyEasy

by joaoewerton

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I'll Be Waiting


I sat on the doorstep 
G                               A                G 
and watched her slowly walk away  
G                              A                 D 
She wasn't sad, she wasn't angry  
G                              A                 D 
Does she ever hear a word I say ? 
I was only a dumb kid  
playing parts I'd studied for a day 
but I'm no actor  
could never say a line to save my life 

So what's the matter with indifference ? 
It's just an easy way to kill the pain  
You can't be crying when you're travelling  
even when you know you've missed the train 

So take your time, don't you worry  
I'll be waiting, you know I'll be waiting 

Don't want to be a ploughboy 
seen my father break his back that way  
I'm not a dreamer, I'm a builder  
at least that's what the voices say  
I can't let love spoil my chances  
can't let a girl stand in my way  
So it's the best thing to tell  
her I'm just leaving for a day  
and what's so wrong about deception  
maybe I could change my mind and stay  
You can't be crying, while your travelling  
it won't be me that's crying anyway. 

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