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	  		verse 1 
  Bm                                 C#dim F# 
I tried to feel your heartbeat but I failed 
   Bm                               C#dim F# 
If I'd be more convincing you would stay 
    Bm       Em      A        D 
But now it's time to stop the lies 
   G      C#m7(b5) F# 
To go and walk    away 

verse 2 
    Bm                                 C#dim F# 
You tried to feel my heartbeat but you failed 
   Bm                               C#dim F# 
If you'd be more convincing I would stay 
   Bm     Em     A      D 
We left a while ago but now 
   G      C#m7(b5) F# 
We can no longer fake 

      F#m                       Em 
We're moving empty boxes what a waste 
      F#m                          Em 
We're moving empty thoughts what a shame 
       Bm                             A 
'Cause this is not a home for us just sheer 
Em                 F# 
Waste of energy my dear 

verse 3 
   Bm                               C#dim F# 
We tried to feel a heartbeat but we failed 
   Bm                                 C#dim F# 
If we'd been more convincing we would stay 
     Bm       Em    A        D 
This house is not a home for us 
     G              C#m7(b5) F# Bm 
Just sheer waste of energy my dear 

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