Home At Last


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Home At Last

Intro: F Em C F 

 F                    Em 
Look at this place 
             C                    F 
It's not how it used to seem 
F                      Em 
They're all the same 
       C               F 
But living in a dream 

  Em     Am 
All my running 
C           F                  G      F    Em 
I've just got to get away 
                 Am       C      F 
Sure it's fun and everything 
But I won't stay 

F So home Em At last C I'm home F At last F Em C F F Em So I forgot C F It didn't change a thing Em Miss her a lot C F She kept us company Em Am All my hiding C F G F Em I'm just trying to get it out Am Sure it's testing C F G But that's not what it's about F Em So home Em Am Em Am (repeat as song fades out)

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