Holly Starr

Focus Chords

Holly Starr

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by fernsantana

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Intro: G Bm Em  C 


G                                       Bm 
The noise is overwhelming           and taking control 
Em                                     C 
Ive let my fear consume  me            It wont let go 
G                                         Bm 
Where has my faith been hiding       Id like to know 
Em                                             C 
Ive come to this conclusion                 in search of hope 

G Lord I really need to stop right now Bm Stop now and focus on You Em Even with the chaos all around C Ill stop now and focus on You
verse 2 G Bm Confusion all around me my heads a mess Em C I want to close my eyes but cant seem to G Bm Your words help me remember I cant forget Em C Your peace is always faithful and has no end Chorus Bridge G Bm Why do I feel so blind Em C Im gonna stop this time and surrender (C) Surrender to You G Bm Em C Chorus

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