Holiday Parade

The Truth

Holiday Parade

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The Truth

	  		Intro: Am, F, C, G x2 
Am        F 
It's haunting to think that, 
C     G 
it was less than perfect. 
Am        F 
It's haunting to look back, 
C         G                   Am 
and still feel like you don't know, 
the whole me. 
You showed me, 
the let you live and grow me. 
Am          F             C 
The hold and let me go me 
           G              F(hold)  Am 
It's about time I let you know 
      G                   F(hold) 
It's about time I let you go 


C               G 
If you want the truth, 
        F              C 
I don't wanna spend my days 
        G                          F 
getting dizzy chasing after you. 
       C          G 
You're yesterdays news. 
            F          C 
I'd hate to take that fire from you. 
You've broken the rope that I hold onto. 


Am       F 
It's haunting to think that, 
C           G 
in a couple years you'll come back 
Am       F 
I flinch and react. 
C             G               Am 
You could have left a fucking note 
         F                    C 
A strong shout, I scream out, 
            G           Am 
What's obviously about, 
            F                  C 
This broken boy and his doubt. 
           G              F(hold)  Am 
It's about time I let you know 
        G                 F(hold) 
It's about time I let you go 


C,C, F C  
G             C   F C G 
That I hold onto 

Power chords x133xx and x355xx alternating 

I keep my whole heart, 
so wide open poured. 
Head towards my new life, 
as I shut the door behind me. 

Pick the pieces right up off the floor. 
To fall again I promise just once more, honeslty 

Chorus outro 

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