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I Believe

Hokus Pick

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I Believe

	  		Intro:  (2x) 
G     G     C     D 
verse 1: 
G                       D 
What other reason would I need to give 
           G                         C 
Oh, 'cause I've found the reason why I want to live 
         G                     D 
It's for Him, who gave His own life 
                  G  D 
that I might find pe-ace 
   G                   D 
So I sing for joy as I sing this song 
        G                          C 
Because freedom was foreign when I lived in the wrong 
         G               D                        G 
but it's here now, and I sing for the joy that it brings 
Oh oh oh oh    singin' 
G       C 
Oh, I believe 
  G               D 
I believe, oh I believe 
G       C 
Oh, I believe 
  G               D                   G 
I believe, oh I believe in God's only son 
verse 2: 
    G                       D 
Now I am not haunted by the sins of my past 
    G                            C 
The chains have been broken, and I'm free at last 
        G                       D 
just to live in the grace of my God 
            G  D 
in liberty, free 
        G                   D 
So look into the story, and you will see 
        G                            C 
why the cross that I'm wearing means something to me 
         G                 D 
It's for love, love of the Father 
              G                D 
it's given to us, oh won't you sing 
transcribed by Patrick Fletcher   
If anyone wants to do a tab for this song, I'd be really grateful. 


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