Hoagy Carmichael


Hoagy Carmichael

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Written by Harold Adamson and Ferde Grof

Intro: Em7/9 Em7 Em7/9 A9 Em7 A9 

D     D6  Em7  Edim      A7  D    F#m   B7 
Daybreak,     another new day 
    Cdim       E7/9    A7/13 
The mist on the meadow 
Em7  A7  Edim  G6  G/F#  Em7   Gm7 
Is  drifting away 
Fdim Edim  D   D6   Em7     Fdim      Bm5-/7    F#7 B7 
For   it's daybreak,    the   sun's     in the sky now 
    Em7/9  Em7 Em7/9   A9     Em7   A9 
And flowers break through 
    Em7/9 Em7 Em7/9  A9      
Their blanket of   dew 
D  D6  Em7     Edim   A7   D    F#m   B7 
Sunrise,   how lovely it seems 
  Cdim          A  A7M   A7 
To see from my window 
 A7/13  A7     G6  G/F#  Em7   Gm7   A7/13   
A sky full of dreams 
Fdim Edim  A      A6    A7 
 As   the white clouds  
    Edim             G6  G/F#  Em7   Gm7   Edim 
Sail on through the blue 
    D   D6  G   Edim      A7   D 
At daybreak   I daydream of you 

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