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Beautiful Chords


Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by Theteh

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  		Main Riff (Synth arr. for Guitar) 
    Abm         B           F#        Bbm 
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e-|----6--4--2--4~-----1--2-----1--2--1~-----------| h-|-4---------------2-------2~------------4--2-----| g-|------------------------------------------------|
B C# Ebm
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-|-----6--4--2--4~-----1--2----------| -|--4---------------2-------4~-------| -|-----------------------------------|
Intro/Main Riff: Abm B F# Bbm B C# Ebm Verse 1: Ebm Just one look into your eyes B One look and I'm crying F# C# Cause you're so beautiful Ebm Just one kiss and I'm alive B One kiss and I'm ready to die F# C# Cause you're so beautiful {Main Riff} Verse 2: Just one touch and I'm on fire One touch and I'm crying Cause you're so beautiful Just one smile and I'm wild One smile and I'm ready to die Cause you're so beautiful Interlude Chorus {Main Riff}: Oh and you're so beautiful My Darling Oh you're so beautiful You're so beautiful Oh my Baby You're so beautiful And you're so beautiful Oh my Darling Oh my Baby Ebm And you're so beautiful

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