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I Will Sing Chords

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by jeolb

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I Will Sing

  		C            G 
For you have set me free  
       Am          G 
you�re all that I seek  
       C        G     
your love completes my life  
            Am           G 
you�re the air that I breathe  
          C             G 
and the savior of the world  
        Am       G 
is the reason I live  
            F         Gsus 
and I will sing I will sing  

       C             G 
And I will lift my voice  
       Am           G 
to the one who has saved me  
      F            Gsus 
I will sing I will sing  
         C            G 
and I�ll cry out for more  
        Am     G        
saying lord I need you  
I will reach out  
                 Gsus               C 
I�m reaching for more of you in my heart 

Dm         C/E                  F 
And I will wait on you in the stillness lord  
                      Dm      C/E 
listen for your voice pure as gold refined  
        F                      Gsus 
in your presence lord here where I belong 



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