High School Musical

All Or Nothing

High School Musical

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All Or Nothing

Verse 1: 

 F#             C# 
They can play let's pretend 
 Ebm                 B               F# 
Make out like their my best friend 
 C#             Ebm    B 
Telling their lies 
               F#           C# 
and they can scheme behind my back 
 Ebm           B 
Make fiction out of facts 
 F#       C#          Ebm    B 
Try to re-write my life 
     Ebm   C#           F# 
But they ain't got a clue 
   B                 Ebm 
If I were in their shoes 
     C#          Ab 
I'd shut right up(up,up) 

F# C# Ebm Take me as I am B F# Or not at all C# Ebm B I ain't ever gonna change myself for no one F# C# Ebm No compromise B Ab Cause its my life C# It's all or nothing
verse 2: F# C# They can laugh all they like Ebm B F# got no need to justify C# Ebm I am who I am F# C# And they can do their worst if they dare Ebm B F# If it makes them happy we don't care C# Ebm B It's out of their hands Ebm C# F# Cause they ain't got a clue B Ebm If we were in their shoes C# Ab We'd shut right up(up,up) Chorus (2x)

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