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I Wonder Chords

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I Wonder

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  		Intro: B A G B (x2) 

B Am7    C           Em7        A Am7 
I wonder what you're doing now..I wonder  
where you are? 
     B             Em7 
Last night I gazed into the sky cause the 
C                        B 
cloud can see you in our star. 

   Am7             Em7            A   Am7 
He said, I was too young for you..our love  
was all in vain. 
    B                   G             Am7 
And now you're gone and left me blue..and  
   C        B           Em7 
my heart is filled with pain. 


     D                G         D 
As I count the lonely hours..as they pass  
slowly by. 
   E                Am7         Gb 
At night I see your face..in my dreams I hear  
you sigh. 

A Am7            Em7           A   Am7 
I wonder if he's by your side..the one you  
left me for? 
    B                  Em7                C 
But darling, this I'll tell you now, only you, 
B         Em7 
could I, adore. 

OUTRO:  A Am7 B E  

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