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Perfect Goodbye Chords


Difficulty: EasyEasy

by alexribeiro

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Perfect Goodbye

  		C#m                     E 
Do you see me- do i see you 
            C#m                         E 
And all the footprints we left in this room 
               C#m                   E 
A smile in the hall - framed on the wall 
           C#m        B  Bb          A 
Do we say words that rise & fall like circles of blue 
C#m                           E 
Shoes on the floor - they're intertwined 
C#m                            E 
Just like the touch - we left behind 
                   C#m               E 
Walk through that door - and say no more 
            C#m  Bsus Bb  A 
Say no more easy alibis to put out the fire 

It's the perfect goodbye 
No time no tell 
              C#m                 A 
As from your lips the words that never fail 
It's a simple farewell 
             G#                 C#m 
No fight no flight - no live no die 
            A         C#m  A C#m 
No more no cry cry cry... 
     E              C#m E 
The perfect goodbye 

             C#m                   E 
Hang up the phone - i should have known 
       C#m         Bsus Bb 
Better alone than killing time 
With fake valentines 

F#            A          F# 
I'll see you sometime - once in awhile 

No partners in crime - just a face in the file 
C#m                  E            C#m                E 
See ya from time to time once in awhile on down the line 

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