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Nothin At All Chords


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Nothin At All

  		VERSE 1:

          D                                     G
I would walk home every evening, through the pyramids of light,
         D                               G
I would feed myself on silence, wash it down with empty nights,


             C                             G
Then your innocent distractions hit me so hard
      C                               D
My emotional reaction caught me off guard
D G It was nothin' at all (nothin at all) C D Like anything I had felt before D G No, nothin' at all (nothin at all) C D Like a thought, no it's so much more C G No one else has ever made me feel this way C D When I ask you how you did it, you just say D G It was nothin at all (nothin at all)
VERSE 2: D G Now I walk home every evening, and my feet are quick to move, D G Cause I know my destination, is a warm and waiting you, PRE-CHORUS 2: C G From our first communication, it was clear C D Any thought of moderation would soon disappear REPEAT CHORUS GUITAR SOLO PRE-CHORUS 1 CHORUS x2

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