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Fallen From Grace Chords


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Fallen From Grace

A E/A D E/A A E/A I pray for the love, that's fallen from grace. The tears left D A G6 D/F# behind won't wash from my face. I'm left with all these feelings Em7 D F A but nothing fills the space, of a love that once was that's D/E G A fallen from grace.
VERSE: A D E/A A D Every little picture hanging on the wall, every little trace of you E/A A D E/A A I've found them all. I close my eyes, it's all I can do D G D A Everywhere I look I see some part of you... A A G A C D A A G A I've been through every reason, and nothing seems to fit. No one's pleading guilty now, there's nothing to admit. There's no one to blame baby, once you believe. Cause people only touch and go, but love will never leave, no. I'm a little disappointed, I'm a little bit relieved. I feel a little sorry baby, I feel a bit decieved. No no not by you darling, I know love's demanding. Living with it every day and never understanding. Shattered dreams and memories of you left hanging over me. A cross to bear, when love cools, a crown of thorns the queen of fools.

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