Hayley Williams


Hayley Williams

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Capo on 1st fret

Dm                                    Am  G/B 
When the air is quiet and the sky is blue 
C                            C  C#    
I can't help be reminded of you 
Dm                                    Am  G/B 
How your eyes are shut, so you cannot see 
C                                 C  C# 
Just how very close I keep you to me 
Dm                                       Am  G/B 
And in that dark little place, you have made 
C                       Bb 
You'd swear all these pretty clouds are gray 

   Dm                 C     
I wonder how you're doing 
             F       Bb  C   
How you're doing now 

Dm                                    Am  G/B 
In a million years never thought I'd see 
C                                       C  C# 
The day you would choose your fear over me 
Dm                                           Am  G/B 
'Cause many storms have come and if not for you 
C                            Am 
I'd have been struck down, disappeared at sea 
Dm                                        Am  G/B 
I know it's hard for you to take a compliment 
C                          Bb 
But my life began, the day which you came in it 


    Dm            C 
I wonder how you view me 
          F         Bb  C 
How you view me now 

( Bb  C ) 

Dm                                          Am  G/B 
On a night like this, it's just me and the kid 
C                                         Am7 
And there's a chair for you, where you'd always sit 
Dm                                             Am  G/B 
And we would talk for hours about the dumbest shit 
            C                    Bb 
And you would always start my cigarette 

    Dm           C              F 
I wonder if you ever quit like you wanted 
   C              F             
I bet you did, I bet you did 
   C             Bb        Am7   
I bet you did, I bet you did 
Am7           Dm      
How you're doing 

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