Hayes Carll

Chances Are

Hayes Carll

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Chances Are

	  		D                                D7                          G 
Chances are I took the wrong turn every time I had a turn to take  
      A                                                        D 
And I guess I broke my own heart every chance I had a heart to break  
D                                 D7                           G walk down Em 
And it seems I spent my whole life wishin' on the same unlucky star  
        A                                                      D 
And as I watch you cross the barroom, I wonder, what my chances are  

D                                         D7                       G 
Well, I know you've been around and you've seen what you needed to see 
      A                                                             D 
And at night when you're dreamin,' you're probably not dreamin' bout me  
D                                          D7                               G walk down Em 
Oh, it's safe to say I've stumbled but I've managed to make it through this far  
         A                                                     D 
As I take one step and then another, I wonder, what my chances are  

Em                            G                                   D 
I have watched the world go by hand in hand, and wondered why I'm still so alone  
Bm                                 E                            A 
Could I lay down my foolish pride, maybe finally find my heart a home?  

D                    D7                              G 
The band has started playing a simple song I used to know  
  A                                                            D 
I take your hand and walk you out, dance to the rhythm way down low  
D                          D7                   G walk down Em 
Every heart has got a story mine just has a few scars  
              A                                                     D 
But they could heal if you would hold me and tell me what my chances are  
                A                                                     G          G A D 
Well, they could heal if you would hold me and tell me what my chances are 

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