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1941 Chords

Harry Nilsson

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by joboa

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	  Intro:  C#  G#  Bb7 

        D#7            G#          C#7          Bb 
Well in nineteen-forty one a happy father had a son 
       D#7            G#              C#7                 Bb 
And by nineteen-forty four the father walks right out the door 
       D#7   G#               C#7             Bb 
And in forty five the mom and son were still alive 
    B7    			               Bb7 
But who could tell in forty six if the two were to survive 

         D#7                G#               C#7             Bb 
Well the years were passing quickly, but not fast enough for him 
      D#7                     G#                  C#7             Bb 
So he closed his eyes through fifty five, then he opened them up again 
        D#7              G#                  C#7               Bb 
Then he looked around he saw a clown and the clown seemed very gay 
       B7   	  		            Bb7 
And he set that night to join that circus clown and run away 

Well he followed every railroad track and every highway sign 
And he had a girl in each new town and the towns he left behind 
And the open road was the only road he knew 
But the color of his dreams was slowly turning into blue 

Then he met a girl, the kind of girl he wanted all his life 
She was soft and kind and good to him, so he took her for a wife 
And they got a house not far from town and in a little while 
The girl had seen the doctor and she came home with a smile 

Now in nineteen-sixty one a happy father had a son 
And by nineteen-sixty four the father walked right out the door 
And in sixty five the mom and son were still around 
But what will happen to the boy when the circus comes to town 

by: José Duarte 


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