Winter Song


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Winter Song

Capo on 1st fret
Intro F#m  F#m7/E  F#m 

 A      D       A 
Yesterday i've found 
           C#7   Bm 
The same place again 
            E          F#m   F#m7/E  F#m 
Where i´ve been yesterday 

  A     D        A/C# 
What i said and done 
           C#7      Bm 
Remember where i belong 
         E            A 
Always bring me back home 
    A5+         A6       A5+ 
And i?.   will say? it again 

        A      F         
Stay beside me 
        A     F    F#m   F#m7/E  F#m 
Stay beside me 

  A        D            A 
When the sky turns to gray 
        C#7         Bm 
And my hopes goes away 
      E              A 
So i long for yesterday 

    A5+         A6       A5+ 
And i?.   will say? it again 

Stay beside me 
      Gb     F 
Stay beside me 

        A     E/G#    D                Bm                                             
'Cause you,? uu who knows how easy my heart forever 
     A     E/G#      D                  Bm                                       
And you, ?uu   who knows how sing this song last forever 
      D                Bm  
Who knows this winter song last forever 

Solo A  A5+  A6  A5+  A  F  A  F  F#m  F#m7/E  F#m 

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