Second To One


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Second To One


Verse 1:

Dm You can never escape from your heart Bb C C Dm That inner guide, the voice in the dark Dm Stop and listen just once in a while Bb C To what it has to say Dm I remember the day when we met Bb C C Dm Your love was true, my life was a mess Dm I knew fate was a one way street Bb C But we were meant to be
Cm You're my honest cause, Gm Never ending strive to become better than I am Cm You're the sweetest sound Gm The note that explains the symphony

Verse 2:

Dm I know I can't hide anymore Bb C C Dm My head is up, my feet on the floor Dm And you know I cannot lie anymore Bb C When I look into your eyes Dm Fear of failure will all bring us down Bb C C Dm To darkened places where dreams go to die Dm I pretend to be strong, but I'm weak Bb C You make my life complete
Cm Gm Everything must change yet remain the same But nothing stays forever Cm I will take your pain Gm You are my everlasting flame
Refrain Cm Gm My second to one


Cm Oh, I cannot lie Gm No, I cannot hide when I look into your eyes Cm Everything I say Gm Everything I do, I do for you Cm I will resurrect Gm I have found myself, a knight in shining armour Cm When you call my name Gm I will be your needle for the pain
Refrain Cm Gm My second to one

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