Never, Ever


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Never, Ever

	  		Afinação: Eb Ab Gb Db Bb Eb 
Em                  C              Am  
Sitting in my room, staring at the wall 
Em                   D 
I can't believe it's happening 
Em                     C        Am           
Once so wonderful now, Life's a twisted kind 
   Em         D 
Of reality, a fantasy 
C                Am      Em  
Don't know where to      begin 
Em                    C      Am  
Saw your love for me, vanish in  
         Em        D 
A single moment of stupidity  
Em                         C     Am        
Nightmare this may be but, it is not a dream 
Em    D 
Oh, I want to scream 
C        Am          Em  
A broken heart still bleeds 
Never ever talk 
Never ever smile 
                G                 Em      
Knowing that my life won't be the same 
Never ever touch 
Never ever feel 
             C5                    Em  
I will never hear you call my name again 
The rest repeats itself. Except for the bridge- 
Em         F5            D5     C5 A 
     As we sin, so do we suffer 
I've fallen from grace 
        F5                 G5      Em          
Want to turn back time and make it undone 


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