Between Two Worlds


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Between Two Worlds

Intro: Am A4 Am 

Am               A4 Am 
In the distant maze, I see two doors 
Dm              D4 Dm                             Am 
One leads to change, one leads to where I've been before 
Am          A4 Am 
I am an angel, on broken wings 
Dm           D4 Dm                     Gm 
I am the beast, the devil and all in between 
Nothing at all 

Dm          Am         Dm         Am 
It's never dark here, it's never light 
F                 G                 Am 
Feeling like I'm caught between two worlds 
F           Am 
Between two worlds 

Am                  A4 Am 
When the night comes down, the blade comes out 
Dm           D4 Dm                      Am 
I wish, I wish, I wish I felt something at all 
Am                  A4 Am 
Nothing's wrong or right, nor black or white 
Dm           D4 Dm                         Gm 
Behind the hurt I see the lust come shining through 
What do I do 

Dm             Am       Dm              Am 
Just like the rainbow, between mist and sun 
F                 G                 Am 
Feeling like I'm trapped between two worlds 
F           Am 
Between two worlds 


Am                A4 Am 
Never laugh or smile, I never cry 
Dm           D4 Dm                      Am 
My mind is numb, and I can't take it anymore 
Am                  A4 Am 
Screaming in frustration, no sound is heard 
Dm       D4 Dm                     Gm 
Am I asleep, or am I starring in a dream 
Please wake me up 

Dm            Am       Dm            Am 
Sometimes the hunter, sometimes the prey 
F                 G        F              G 
Feeling like I'm trapped, lost and never found 
F                 G                Am 
Feeling like I'm caught between two worlds 
F          Am 
Without a home 

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