Wake Up Sleeper


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Wake Up Sleeper

	  		Wake up sleeper Gungor. This is a rough take so that there's something on the web  
to work from, I recommend following it more as a guide. Please contact me  
[email protected] to help me correct it. 

Rejoice all you who are poor 
The kingdom is yours 
The kingdom is yours 
Rejoice you jaded and torn 
Both sinner and saint 
The kingdom is yours 

woe to you religious teachers 
Rich and worshiping your book 
woe to you who use His name to justify the souls you took 

Gm     Gm9 C#, Cm, Gm 
Wake up, wake up 
Oh sleeper from the dead 
Wake up 

Rejoice you lonely and lost 
You sick and despised 
All will be made right 
Rejoice you cynics and freaks 
Those searching for peace 
All will be made right 

Even you religious teachers 
Separating us from them 
Heaven?s found inside us all 
So turn and come alive again 

Wake up? 
Instru: C#m,Eb/G,D/F#,E (then repeat  but no E) 

Electric guitar riff Gm intro, then Gm,Eb/G,D/F# 

Awaken us, awaken us 
Open our eyes and wake us 
(let your church now wake up)  

Note how much harmonic language (different chords) there is in the song.  
Melodically it's quite simple but the magic is in the harmony. 

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