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Capo on 2nd fret



Em7             D/F#   G  C2  
All this doubt, trying to work it out 
          G      G/B       C       
Could you lay it down, for now? 
     Em            D/F# G    C2 
It's good to think, but it's good to drink 
          G      G/B        C       
From this living stream, so why 

C D/F# G Why don't you fly C/E F Free your mind B/D# Em D/F# G To all this splendor C D/F# G Why don't you fly C/E F B/D# Em To the arms that save
You can come while your heart feels numb You could just lie down and rest Or lift your eyes to the open sky We could come alive and fly Instrumental Chorus Chorus Outro (same chords as Chorus)

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