Everything Changes


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Everything Changes

The world is a ship 
Is a wave 
Feel it quake and twirl 
     Am9       E          B7 
The stars all fade into the day 
G#         C#m    Caug 
Everything changes 
           G  B7 
Changes my love 

We're not the same 
You and I 
Both have changed my love 
     Am9          E                   B7 
The tides have turned, that's how it goes 
G#         C#m  Caug            Caug      E     
everything changes, nothing can change my love 

G# C#m Am9 G B7 

The days, they are short 
       G#                 C#m 
Like a wave on a shore my love 
      Am9       E             B7 
our lives will fade into the night 
G#          C#m  Caug 
everything changes 
           G  B7 
changes my love 
    E          E G#          C#m 
For now, just lie here in my bed 
     Am9         E                  B7 
I'll kiss your mouth, we'll feast on love 
G#         C#m  Caug               Caug    D  E 
everything changes, but nothing can change my love 

G# C#m Am9 G B7 E 

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