Guided By Voices

Laundry And Lasers

Guided By Voices

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Laundry And Lasers

A C D 
A C Dsus2 

C                  D                A 
Northern eyes, I'd like to meet you on the dance floor 
C              Dsus2               A 
What was that? realistic men don't speak cliche 
C           D              A 
Whatever my business is, I still can get off 
C                    Dsus2          A 
Meet me then - we'll take Laundry & Lasers 

C                 D                      A 
Here's a magnet - round your themes up - take your dreams up 
C                Dsus2        A 
Too much soft rectanglement ensnares the head 
C             D                A 
Not so high into the sky light should you pray them 
C               Dsus2              A 
Not so low your hands on those you lay 

C Dsus2 A A porcine fellow C Dsus2 A Who dwells on the dirt spot C Dsus2 A As dead as a death way Swept clean as a laser
Verse C D A Even though you musn't know I swim the meadows C Dsus2 A Even though you musn't know I field the sky C D A Let's go eat the factory - let's go running in there C C Wise beyond the northern eyes And super spies A And realize much more

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