Guided By Voices

Dont Stop Now

Guided By Voices

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Dont Stop Now


Tuning: Standard 

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Intro: e|--------------------------|--------------------------|---------------------| B|--------------------------|--------------------------|---------------------| G|--------------------------|--------------------------|---------------------| D|--------------1--1--1--1--|--2--2--2--2--------------|--1-1-1-1--2b--------| A|--2--2--2--2--------------|--------------2--2--2--2--|---------------------| E|--------------------------|--------------------------|---------------------| C# E* Verse: e|--------------------------|--------------------------| B|--------------------------|--------------------------| G|--------4--------4-----4--|--------4--------4-----4--| D|-----4--------4-----------|-----4--------4-----------| A|--2--------2--------2-----|--------------------------| E|--------------------------|--0--------0--------0-----| (x4 then with lyrics) Woke up one morning and saw a rooster strutting by my house Six pack rings around his neck cock of the block e|--------------------------|--------------------------| B|--------------------------|--------------------------| G|--------4--------4-----4--|--------4--------4-----4--| D|-----4--------4-----------|-----4--------4-----------| A|--2--------2--------2-----|--1--------1--------1-----| E|--------------------------|--------------------------| Don't stop now don't stop now e|--------------------------|--------------------------| B|--------------------------|--------------------------| G|--------9--------9-----9--|-------11-------11----11--| D|-----9--------9-----------|----11-------11-----------| A|--7--------7--------7-----|--9--------9--------9-----| E|--------------------------|--------------------------|
B E (x4) B What keeps big daddy happy E What makes the buzzard buzz B A leaky quart of motor oil E Head for the hills B Don't stop now A#/B E* F# C# E* Don't stop now (Guitar one plays these chords:) B E (x4)
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(While guitar two plays:) e|--------------------------|-------------------------| B|--------------------------|-------------------------| G|--------------------------|-------------------------| D|-------11--14--11---(x3)--|------11--12--11---------| A|----14--------------------|---14--------------------| E|--------------------------|-------------------------| (x2)
B A#/B E* Pulled into economy island B A#/B E* King shit and the golden boys B A#/B E* Plenty more where we come from, top of the line C# E* B A#/B E Don't stop now (x4) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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