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by  MARCAO21

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	  		intro; Ab,E,B,F#,G,Ab,E,B,G,F#,E 


Ab              E                        B                        F#  
The sunset sky... reminds me of the days we've left behind  
Ab             E                       B                 F#                                    
You were more than just a friend to me... but now it's over  
Ab             E                B                   F#             Ab 
But I still careĀ? and it hurts me so to see you unaware  
      E         B                   F# 
That heaven's love is reaching out to you  
Ab  G  F#  E 
Open your eyes  

Oh tell me...  
 B    F# 
             Ab                        E                B    
You're running away from God's eternal life  
Oh, can't you see it?  
   Ab    E  
   B               F#                  (ai toca o riff do comeco) 
He's just a prayer away  

 (aqui segue igual a 1a parte) 
Days move by He waits for youĀ? He longs to heal your heart  
And hold you in his loving arms so strong  
Foreverafter Love lives on... nothing can take you away if you belong  
When you've been touched and then consumed by God  

You're right where you belong  
Oh tell me... Ā?  

Angelina -  
You're running away from God's eternal life -  
Oh, can't you see it? -  
(Can you feel it?) -  
Angelina -  
He's just a prayer away. 

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