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Easy Wind Chords

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by ohkeepa

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Easy Wind

I been balling a shiny black steel jack-hammer, 
Been chippin' up rocks for the great highway, 
E7   A7 
I'll live five years if I take my time, 
Ballin' that jack and a drinkin' my wine. 
E7    A7 
I been chippin' them rocks from dawn till doom, 
While my rider hide my bottle in the other room. 
Doctor say better stop ballin' that jack, 
If I live five years I gonna bust my back, yes I will. 
Chorus Intro 
A7                          E7 
Easy wind cross the Bayou today 
Cause there's a whole lotta women, mama, 
Out in red on the streets today. 
And the river keeps a talkin', 
        A     C                E 
But you never heard a word it said. 
Chorus Outro 
Gotta find a woman be good to me, 
Won't hide my liquor try to serve me tea, 
Cause I'm a stone jack baller and my heart is true 
And I'll give everything that I got to you, yes I will. 
Easy wind going cross the Bayou today 
There's a whole lotta women 
Out in red on the streets today. 
And the rivers keep a talkin', 
But you never heard a word it said. 


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